kILIUMA is an ancient Greek term for a millennia-old traditional vineyard work that is very complex and in many respects very specific. These are measures that will lead to the reactivation of an old or a vineyard that no longer brings the expected quality and quantity. In order to replant the vines, the entire field is dug up to 2 meters deep and filled with fresh soil. After that, they are watered regularly and carefully for a long time and wait until the time has come.

Our fascination with the fact that behind a single term also analyze, plan, future-oriented, profound, hard work, knowledge, focus, precision, patience has inevitably led us to identify with this term and at the same time to integrate it firmly into our philosophy , a philosophy driven by instinct and experience, holistically related to the passion for the authentic, and accordingly our engagement extends far beyond the boundaries of conventional consulting activities by dealing with global issues in the industry. In this sense, we work very closely and intensively with our IT department to not only address the problem, but also to offer concrete solutions. Therefore, we are very happy that we can always provide our customers with various high-quality products on our website, which are very helpful in the direction of independence from OTAs and create a solid basis for hotel digitalization.

We are an international company expert in hotel management and support hotel companies in economic and operational management as well as investors and operators in the planning and development of new hotel projects.

A team of specialized consultants and a broad network of professional partners offer know-how at all levels of the hotel industry.

At Kilizma Hotel Consulting we are clear about our mission: to promote our customers’ achievements, to support your and your company’s success and to offer a high quality service.

Our flexible attitude allows us to adapt to the needs, times and working methods of every team and every project.

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